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Exchange 2003 on different Subnets

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  • Exchange 2003 on different Subnets

    I have recently installed an additional exchange server 2003 Ent(SP2). on a domain controller windows 2003 Ent. (SP2)

    New Domain Contorller/Exchange server is on different subnet directly connected with firewall. Current subnet is and new subnet is

    These subnets are directly connected with a firewall in a same floor. there is proper routing b/w these two subnets and i can access across the subnet. there is proper AD replication through site and services. new server is added into a differnet site.

    Now my question is that i am unable to replicate public folder from old to new exchange server.

    initially both servers were in same default storage group and i was unable to replicate PF. Now i have seperate them with routing groups and add a RG connecte between them and defined bridge head serves. but unable to to replicate the folders.

    on source server there are number of event IDs 3020 but these are unable to receive replication on destination server. and continously show replication details as "Local Modified"

    I have also checked it with Anti-Virus disabled.

    Can anybody help me to resolve it and to get the replicatione done?
    if anyone need further details i can proivde.
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    Re: Exchange 2003 on different Subnets

    Replication takes place over SMTP.
    Therefore the first thing that you have to confirm is whether the servers can telnet to each other on port 25 using all three combinations...

    IP Address
    Netbios Name

    If one or more of those fail then you need to look at why.

    If those are successful, then the next most common reason for replication failure is a smart host on the SMTP virtual server. If you have a smart host set then it must be removed to an SMTP Connector.

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