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installing second exchange 2003

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  • installing second exchange 2003

    Hi all.

    I am in a process of moving mail server to a new hardware. I install second exchange 2003 in the existing dc. After finish installing, I could not see new server registered. Thus I cannot find a way to move mail boxes and public folders. Can any one help ?


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    Re: installing second exchange 2003

    You need to provide us much more information about your domain, the servers you have setup, how your setup your second exchange etc.

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      Re: installing second exchange 2003

      If you can't see the second server in Exchange System Manager then either it didn't install correctly or you only installed the management tools.
      Either way the install wasn't successful. I would therefore remove Exchange using add/remove programs and reinstall it. If you are prompted for an Exchange org then the machine cannot see the domain correctly.

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        Re: installing second exchange 2003

        Thank all.

        Sembee : Thanks. I shall try to reinstall exchange again and see what happen.

        AndyJG247 : Thanks. With your help, I managed to transfer FSMO from old PDC to the new one. I, therefore, tried to transfer mail boxes etc. to a new domain.

        I try to minize the use of servers. Currently I have 1 pdc, and 2 dcs. I use the first dc as my sql server, the second dc is exchange server. I want to move exchange server to my pdc. and demote the old exchange server so that I shall have 2 servers, one pdc + exchange and another as dc + sql server.

        I read articles here regarding installing second exchange server and swing mail boxes etc. which seems rather straight forward. Thus I installed the exchange server on my pdc after which I could not see the existing exchange. I think I shall try reinstall and see what happens.


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          Re: installing second exchange 2003

          General advice (from MS downwards) is do NOT install Exchange on a DC (and if you do, dont ever think about demoting it or Exchange WILL break badly). Also security requirements on a DC are different from application servers.

          IMHO, think very seriously about a 3rd server for Exchange/SQL, maybe by virtualising one of your DCs
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            Re: installing second exchange 2003

            Thanks, Ossian.

            Yes, I found that advice too. Just a thought if I could swing all mail boxes and others to another exchange server and uninstall the old exchange, every thing should be fine shouldn't it ?.

            oops. my last post was meant : after installing exchange, I could not see the NEW exchange server.