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Public folders not receiving email?

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  • Public folders not receiving email?

    Exchange 2003 Standard Question

    When you careate a new public folder, what is the role for the Default and Anonymous Client relating to receiving email? If the roles are set to none, will email still be delivered to them?
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    Re: Public folders not receiving email?

    I'm not too sure about the Default accounts permissions, i believe they could be sent to empty. However, Anon needs to have write/post permissions for the PF to receive mail.


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      Re: Public folders not receiving email?


      If I remember correct it's like this:
      Default -> This is the default permission that everyone gets when you add new groups/users. Example if Default is Editor and you add a new user to the folder it will also get Editor.
      Anonymous -> This is for those that do not have a set permission in the folder. F.ex if you want external people to send mails to a PF you might want to give the permission Create Item for anonymous.

      So for your question I guess it's enough to give the Anonymous the "Create Item" permission on the mailenabled folder. The Default can be set to None.


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        Re: Public folders not receiving email?

        Default has author privileges and Anonymous has Contributor.

        I believe if you set the permissions to none then unless a user is specifically added to the list with permissions to create items then the mail wont be delivered.
        So contributor would be the lowest level of permissions to allow delivery.


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          Re: Public folders not receiving email?

          So unless they're listed, both internal domain users as well as external email addresses depend on Anonymous having contributor access?
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            Re: Public folders not receiving email?

            Public Folders... one of my favourite subjects.

            To receive email from EXTERNAL sources, anonymous needs to have Contributor.

            To receive email from INTERNAL sources, then users need to have at least contributor.
            The anonymous permission does not allow INTERNAL people to send to the folder because they are not anonymous users - they are authenticated users Exchange knows who they are.

            So if you have something like "All Staff" then you can use that permission to grant the rights to send the folder email. Contributor is special as it allows a user to send email to a folder they cannot see.

            "Default" can cause problems for people. It is the permission that users get if they are not given permissions via another method (specifically listed or a member of a group).
            However remember that public folder permissions use the highest setting, so if you grant Default permission "owner" then everyone will be an owner, no matter what other permissions you set.

            Therefore I make two recommendations for best practises with Public Folders.
            1. Set the default permission to None.
            2. Open up permissions. Therefore if you have a global permission, set that as the lowest permission required, then add additional permissions for people who need higher privileges.

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