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    "Hi all,

    I am having trouble setting this up.

    I have a domain "" on windows server 2003, running exchange 03.

    I have a new subdomain hosted on a seperate mailserver, which is working fine for mail recieved from an outside source via gmail etc. I need to get exchange to route mails to hosts in the subdomain "" to the correct mail server or just get exchange to treat it as an external (not local) recipient. The problem is exchange regards the recipient domain as a local domain and returns a " User unknown in local recipient table".

    Anyone know what to do?

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    Re: Mail Subdomain

    This message is not Exchange: " User unknown in local recipient table".
    Something else is generating that message.
    Exchange will not be treating the domain as local - as it does recognise that is different to

    However, is the separate mail server on the same network as the Exchange server? If so, then that could be a problem with the MX records. What I would suggest is use an SMTP Connector for the sub domain listed as a name space and the server's IP address set as a smart host .

    That means Exchange is not using DNS, it is using the configuration in Exchange.

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