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  • exporting

    hello all....I am stressed and need help...I am sorry there probably is a ton of posts on this but I need help asap and dont really have time looking thru a bunch of forums...

    Here goes...I had to rebuild our server...havent done that in 9 years..u tend to

    I installed Windos small business server 2003. Which of course installs everything. I have it connected to only one machine right now and not part of old server as of yet.

    I want to totally configure the new one before I put it on the network. so I have successfully set up the user (only 3 of us). I have added the one computer connected no problems.

    What I need to do is I have to find all the settings for DHCP, DNS, and whatever else I am missing.

    but one of the most important is how do I transfer the email. I want to put it to a pst file and then burn to disk and then put on the new serveer????

    PLEASE some one help me...


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    Re: exporting

    It depends on the current location of your current emails. Where are they stored and in what software/server? Also, with regards to SBS 2003, you give me the impression that you may be adding it to your old Server.

    Your quote.

    "I have it connected to only one machine right now and not part of old server as of yet".

    SBS 2003 must be the fSMO role holder for all 5. You will need make the other server a member of that and if it is a DC, can not hold any of the fSMO roles.


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      Re: exporting

      ok I dont want to connect the old server to the new network, right now I have it connected to a pc on a mini network. I havent even connected it to the internet as of yet. What I am doing is creating this as a whole new one...but I beleive I have to get some of the configurations from the old server to put on the new server.

      the emails are in the information store in exchange. I have no clue how to get them out of there.....I want to make them a pst file then burn them and either put them on individual computers for the users or import them back into the server.

      Anyideas will help as I want the rest of this completed tomorrow afternoon as the old server has stopped us from receiving emails.

      I believe we are also using pop for incoming email..where do I get teh settings for that???

      from what I understand is that when u install SBS it actually pretty much does everything for you. I am hoping that when I am done I can just plug it in to the router and then just go to the other 2 computers and just add them to the domain.

      so please any idea what exactly I need to do would be awesome.


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        Re: exporting

        You could have a look into using exmerge.
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          Re: exporting

          If you are building the server from scratch, you won't really need to worry about settings off the existing. You will have to configure the SBS box as DNS, DHCP, DC etc.

          Is the old Exchange 2003 Server? SBS comes with that.

          If users can still connect to the old server, you could use Outlook to export mailbox settings to a PST and then import them in to the new Exchange.