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eseutil did no shrink edb

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  • eseutil did no shrink edb


    My Public Folders Store got too big. I backed up and deleted some old folders aprox. 10 GB. I then used:
    eseutil.exe /d /p pub1.edb /ttemppub.edb
    The changes are minor - the difference is ~ 200 MB in total (for the edb and stm).

    Am I doing something wrong?

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    Re: eseutil did no shrink edb

    Make sure an online defrag is done and then try the offline defrag.


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      Re: eseutil did no shrink edb

      Online defrag is run each night. The last online defrag didn't help either. I shall offline-defrag the DB again and revert.


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        Re: eseutil did no shrink edb

        Is the online defrag completing? If so, the event log will show you how much free space (white space) is in the database. This free space is the amount that an offline defrag will shrink.


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          Re: eseutil did no shrink edb

          The key point is whether event ID 1221 appears in the event log and how much white space it shows. If you deleted the data today, and your deleted item retention is two weeks, then doing an offline defrag tomorrow isn't going to help.

          Are you sure that the online defrag is completing? Many people think it is, but when the logs are checked, find it is not.

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            Re: eseutil did no shrink edb

            I set retention time to 1 day and waited for the next successful online defrag - after which the offline defrag cleaned the amount of space which was mentioned in EID 1221.

            Thanks for all your help!

            Hag Sameach