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How to use Exchange Server 2003 and webmail together?

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  • How to use Exchange Server 2003 and webmail together?

    I have done a search on this topic and have come up with a lot of mixed answers, that's why I'm starting a new thread.

    If a windows small business server has exchange 2003 configured to download emails from a pop account on an external email host, is it possible for the emails to stay on the original email server? Right now, all the emails that exchange downloads, leave the original mail server and are only present on the exchange server. This company does not want to host their own emails.

    I know outlook has an option to "leave a copy on the server" but I'm not sure how that would be done in exchange. OWA will probably be setup for this company, but we would like the emails to stay on the original server as well. One of the reasons would be that if the server with exchange ever goes down, they can still go online to the webmail and check emails that way (plus have access to the older emails).

    There are some employees that have emails POPed to their phones right now and I don't want to change that. I can have them configured to work with their server, but as mentioned before, if it ever goes down they can't access their email (and there have been times were their internet goes out in the office). The host that takes care of the email server is a big company that is trusted and has 99.9% uptime. They also do automatic backups, etc... so we feel like it's a 2nd backup for us having the emails on the 1st mail server as well.

    Also to makes things more clear, this company does not have exchange right now. I just have Windows SBS 2003 setup at home and I'm testing the functionality. They're looking at getting Windows SBS 2003. Right now each employee has outlook on their individual computers and phones that POP that mail server I mentioned.

    Please let me know because this company is in need of a solution very soon.


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    Re: How to use Exchange Server 2003 and webmail together?

    I don't think it is possible.
    Googling "exchange pop3 connector leave messages on server" without quotes seems to bring up lots of options though.

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      Re: How to use Exchange Server 2003 and webmail together?

      If you are going to deploy Exchange, then do it correctly. That means all users getting email from Exchange. The POP3 connector is not designed for long term use, it is designed to move you to SMTP delivery - which is how Exchange is designed to work. That is why there is a 15 minute delay on the POP3 collection.

      All POP3 connectors have issues, the main one being handling BCC messages.
      While you have users collecting email from your ISP with their mobile devices, do not allow that to stop you from deploying Exchange correctly. Make the users change their devices.

      To answer your specific question - the native POP3 connector cannot be set to leave messages on the server. POP3 isn't designed to work that way.

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