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Help! transition from pop3 to exchange 2003

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  • Help! transition from pop3 to exchange 2003

    Hello to all gurus,

    I'm new to exchange 2003 and I need someone to point me in the right direction in regards to configuration.
    Installation was ok but I do need help in order to configure it.
    This is the scenario: we've got 1 relay (ISP service), 1 exchange server 2003, 1 DC (AD is working fine). How do I go on about configuring exchange in order to use the relay for external emails, to use AD for internal emails. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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    Re: Help! transition from pop3 to exchange 2003

    The best thing would be to get someone in to do it for you. Get it wrong and you will lose email.

    Get the server configured to begin with. Until you deploy Outlook to the users and change the MX records Exchange has nothing to do with the email flow, so you can test it to begin with.

    As for the switch, there are various methods that can be used depending on business needs. This is where a good Exchange consultant is invaluable. The actual config of Exchange takes an hour, maybe two, the rest of the time is the migration.

    Your question really is too wide, I would compare it to "how do I drive a car". I can tell you in two lines how to operate the car, but to drive takes much longer.

    If you will not get someone in to assist then you need to spend some time reading, build a lab and generally learn about the product before you do the production build. Get it wrong, and then you have to get someone in like me to sort out the mess. I have seen it many many times (and make a good living from cleaning up bodged installs).

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