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Exchange/Outlook through ISA2000 question

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  • Exchange/Outlook through ISA2000 question

    I have SBS 2003 standard and I installed ISA 2000 on it (2 network cards)

    I have Exchange 2003 setup and OWA works great but now users want to be able to stop using OWA and use Outlook to connect to Exchange on their laptops from outside the company through the ISA server without opening a VPN tunnel; just Outlook to Exchange 2003 (on SBS2003) through ISA2000 which is setup on the same SBS machine.

    I need some help with that. If I create IP pachet filters that open everything then I can connect a laptop with Outlook to it is a firewall issue but if I close this filter then Outlook says it cannot find the Exchange server.

    I googled it a bit and I could find some info but they all reffer to front end and back end exchange servers..which is not my case.

    Please help,
    Thank you,