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  • Good study books

    Good Evening All,
    I need a little help in finding good websites and books to learn more about Exchange. I just excepted a position in a new company as there Network Engineer. This company runs an Exchange Server I believe 2003. I have very little experience with Exchange coming from a company that is running Lotus Domino right now. I will be partially in charge of the Exchange Server and will be trained on it. However, before I start I would like to get a jump start. So please leave me any suggestions on website, books and study material. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Good study books

    VMware with Exchange 2003 and Server 2003 evals basically.
    Other than that!
    Exchange 2003 is a great product, 2007 is even better.

    There are courses out there but I would start with installing and getting it to work at home first. and the are fantastic sites (here too of course!).
    Google the Exchange Best Practices analyser (linked in Sembee's sticky here). It can show you lots of info too, once you have Exchange running.
    Once installed start asking specific questions and we can try and help

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