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Exchange Server not sending detailed SMTP "From" Header

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  • Exchange Server not sending detailed SMTP "From" Header

    I have what I hope to be a simple question.

    In my current exchange 2003 installation, I have one user for which exchange does not send the detailed from header.

    All my other users send and email and the SMTP header reads "From: User Name <[email protected]>". This user named in AD as "User2" sends a message and the smtp header reads "From: <[email protected]>". instead of the expected "From: User2 <[email protected]>"

    Also and possibly related, User2 is a "mailbox-only" having two email addresses on a second domain. Users sometimes use 'Send As' to select this mailbox for outgoing emails. Consequently this user's Display Name and Full Name properties in AD are set to "Customer Support ([email protected])".

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.