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Moving Exchange database to another server

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  • Moving Exchange database to another server

    I am trying to move my Exchange database to another non-Exchange server so I can defrag the hard drive that the database resides on. I was told by an associate that this would be preferred for HD defrag then move database back to Exchange server then run off-line defrag on databases. When I attempt to do this I get an "Invalid path specified" error, and when I create a mapped drive to this new location on the other server to point the database to, I get an error saying"not a fixed drive."
    My question is: In order to move the databases does it have to go to a fixed drive on the same server or am I missing some other procedure?
    And since I cannot use the same drive (space is limited) for the tempdefrag file can it also be relocated to another non-Exchange server for the off-line defrag process also?
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    Re: Moving Exchange database to another server

    If you must do an offline defrag, then either do the entire thing elsewhere, or not at all.
    Remember to work on a COPY of the database, so you will need three copies - the original, a backup copy and the copy you will work on.
    When you have finished the process, ensure that the backup copy is intact and then replace the original. If it fails to mount then copy the backup back.

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