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  • 1 server 2 domains


    first off, hello all and apologies for starting off with a popular query.

    I can see this type of query has been asked before but the answers were more detailed then I require or understand tbh. they addressed pretty specific circumstances and I struggeled to pick the general principles out of the replies.

    I have an exchange 2003 server hosting and since the company I work for has recently bought the rights to they would like to transfer employees mail address from [email protected] to [email protected].

    Could someone outline (at a pretty general level) what steps I need to set up my exchange server to handle email sent to . At the moment I just want to get an idea of cost - financial and time.

    I am thinking a new MX record is required and then is it as simple as creating secondary email addresses for each user?


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    Re: 1 server 2 domains

    1. create an MX record for the same IP (internet accessible IP, not LAN) for the new domain
    2. give all users an additional smtp address in exchange properties
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