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Retireing an Exchange 2003 Server

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  • Retireing an Exchange 2003 Server

    Hi Guys - simple question.

    I have an old Dell which is running Win2k3Std with Exchange 2003. I have now introduced a new HP with Win2k3StdR2 and have installed Exchange 2003 and migrated all of the user mail boxes to the new server.

    My assumption was that once I had finished other minor configs such as telling the firewall to forward smtp traffic to the new server and adjusting any local devices that used smtp relaying - I would be able to simply remove the old Exchange from the enviornment.

    However - this is not the case. If I power down the "Old Dell Exchange", the "New HP Exchange" works absolutely fine; until I need to create a new user account. When I create a new user account, I select the mail box creation on the new exchange, and AD creates the account successfully, however it is as if it is not actually active. For example, if I open outlook, I cannot find the user in the G.A.L, and yes, I have ensured the "hide from exchange address list" is not ticked. Also, if I go into the users "Email Addresses" tab in AD, it does not create all the recipient policy addresses that are required?

    As soon as I boot the old exchange - BANG, everything starts to work.

    So my quesiton is.... there must be some services etc that the old exchange is doing that I still need to move over to the new server before I can fully remove from the network.

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    Re: Retireing an Exchange 2003 Server

    Did you configure the RUS to use the new server. Also, did you configure the new server as the OAB server?


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      Re: Retireing an Exchange 2003 Server

      Its Exchange - do NOT presume anything.
      Removing the first Exchange server is something that has to be done with care.
      This is the KB article on the process:

      Ensure that you follow EVERY step and allow time for the process to complete.

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