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RPC over HTTP/S - new mailboxes creating error

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  • RPC over HTTP/S - new mailboxes creating error

    I have made Exchange server work by the following instuction:

    "How can I configure RPC over HTTP/S on Exchange 2003 (single server scenario)" (

    I've created one user - "user", and made him work through RPC over HTTPS - as in WAN - so in LAN

    This mailbox was using TCP/IP until I set TCP IP filtering, like it was told in the article above.

    Later I installed SP2 for exchange server and then created a new user - "test"
    This "test" mailbox is now working through TCP on the server itself, but doesn't work through the internet.

    The "user" mailbox, by the way, is working perfectly.
    The "test" settings are the very same to "user" settings - but it doesn't work.

    I tried to run that registry changing tool, that was recomended in article above - one more time after SP2 installation - nothing changed.

    I tried to Filter TCP IP again - the System Manager is failing to work after reboot.

    My Question - do I have to filter TCP IP after every next mailbox creation to make it work by RPC over HTTP - or am I doing somewere something wrong?
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    Re: RPC over HTTP/S - new mailboxes creating error

    I don't set TCP/IP filtering on any deployments I do. That is a firewall's job.

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      Re: RPC over HTTP/S - new mailboxes creating error

      Thank you, the problem is in my stuidness again - truthfully you are righ again - i setted up a firewall, and found out that the problem was in not trusting the certificates.

      So the problem is closed.