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x400 two users with same name

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  • x400 two users with same name

    I had to delete a users mailbox and re create it.
    I have a JL Pet and a JL Pet Jr users.
    I deleted JL Pet's mailbox, purged it ETC.
    It now can not receive internal mail.
    The x400 address changed! It was X400:c=us;a= ;p=DTI;o=Exchange;Pet;g=Joseph;

    It is now X400:c=us;a= ;p=DTI;o=Exchange;Pet2;g=Joseph;
    It added a 2 two his last name. None else on the domain has that X400 account.

    How do we get rid of the added 2 ????
    In Exchange AD and USERS there is not a 2 displayed, the two is being displayed in outlook under the user properties.
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    Re: x400 two users with same name

    Silly me. I figured out what happened.

    Exchange runs in cached mode. The updated address did not sync with the Global Address List in the mail clients of course! I had to manually rebuild the Offline Address Book on the Exchange server. It normally does that at 5am. DOH!