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OMA is Fine; Activesync fails

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  • OMA is Fine; Activesync fails

    We are working on deploying iPhones and I have a quirk. I used Petri's recommendations on adjusting the virtual directories and can access OMA both internally and externally (even on the iPhones).

    That said, when attempting to set the phone up to do Activesync, it states "connection to the server failed". From the many things I have read online, you have to use the same address as the OMA connection for this. I do not see any additional set up for this portion versus OMA.

    Has anyone else seen this?

    EXCH 03 SP2

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    Re: OMA is Fine; Activesync fails

    I had this problem recently and it was a result of authentication settings on the virtual directory. Make sure it says basic and integrated authentication only.
    Also verify again that SMTP is not required on the virtual directory and the IP of your Exchange server is the only one granted access to the virtual directory).


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      Re: OMA is Fine; Activesync fails

      Thank you. That was not it. I think I have it. I do note that the server setting is very misleading. I ended up using the direct server address ie instead of the direct OMA address like many documents online suggest ie

      I never could get it to work manually configuring the device, but did get it to work with the config utility (I use the web version). I think that portion is due to the certificate validation being included in the config.

      That said so far only portions of the contacts, no calendar, and only folder structure is coming across at this point. At least we are getting somewhere!