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  • OWA Mail Flow Testing


    We have a SGS firewall on which we have natted exchange for OWA access, prior to SGS firewall we used to have the ISA 2000 server for exchange/owa publishing which given us lots of problem, & we decided to deploy SGS.

    in the problem days management decided to check OWA access and mail flow manually by dialing ISP and accessing OWA + OWA MAIL flow test.

    the manuall mail flow activity is still carrying out and management is not allowing us to stop it, this we are doing mnually, I need to automate this but not sure how,

    I have script which will send the email from my ID to gmail and I have enable the forwarder on gmail which send back/forward the email to group but thats for MAPI.

    is there a way to check OWA avaibility in every 1 hrs + mail flow for the same?

    please revert/comment if this post/question is not understandble