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Restrict users only to send&rec. mail from 1 external do

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  • Restrict users only to send&rec. mail from 1 external do

    On Exchange2000 I want to restrict certain users so that they are only able to SEND & RECEIVE emails TO & FROM 1 external domain (for example only receive from and only send to .COM addresses)
    All other users of the company should still be able to send&receive from all external domains, with no restrictions.

    Restrict the SENDING to 1 domain is OK, I created multiple SMTP-connectors, and applied the correct restrictions.

    But HOW can I apply this restrictions in a way that these same users are only able to receive email from that (and only that) external domain.

    Kind regards,

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    I'm not aware of a native built-in method of doing this. You can add certain restrictions on the global settings, but not like you want.

    Theoretically you could set up another SMTP Virtual server, configure it to use SENDER FILTERS (from the Global Settings) and then configure THAT SMTP V. Server to be the MX record for your company. But there is no way to only allow the mail for specific users to go through that V. Server as far as I know.

    Maybe some event sink (=coding) will help.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      maybe too complex for what it's worth ?

      As far as I "understand" it doesn't seem quit simple to configure our mailserver in such a way as WE WANT
      We do not want to make it more complex as it is, so maybe we should consider if ONLY restricting OUTGOING mail to certain domains wouldn't be far more interesting and restricting these users so that they can't receive ANY mail from outside. As you described in the previous article on For which i kindly thank you again, In the meanwhile I've read some interesting articles on that website.

      Thanks !