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No exchange-oma directory in IIS

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  • No exchange-oma directory in IIS

    Ok so here it is, I have been having a problem with OMA on exchange 2003 running on SBS server 2003. Mainly it is thatwhen i try to test the site by logging on to it at the (domain)/exchange-oma address i get an error reffering to directory security having a list of blocked ip's yada yada. anyways when i go to the IIS to change this setting I find the is no exhcnage-oma site listed. So I am at a loss and any help would be apreciated

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    Re: No exchange-oma directory in IIS

    The directory is only created on SBS 2003 R2 by default, not on RTM.
    Have you run the Connect to the Internet and Email wizard?

    Otherwise you can recreate it using MSKB 817379.

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      Re: No exchange-oma directory in IIS

      thanks sembee that did the trick I am about to upgrade this whole sever hardware software and all but i just wanted to get hat working for right now. agian thanks allot