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Appointment availability error in OWA 2003

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  • Appointment availability error in OWA 2003

    I have just finished building a new Exchange 2003 (on Win2K3 Standard) server a few days ago. I will refer to this server as NEWMAIL.

    NEWMAIL is also a DC.

    I have another email server which is Win2k Server with Exchange 2K.
    I will call the old server OLDMAIL.

    OLDMAIL was a DC, I demoted it.

    Before I added the exchange 2003 software to NEWMAIL I prepped forest and domain for AD and for Exchange, ran the fix for the AD fields to prevent the mangling issue. The domain appears to be working well. I can Add and Delete users, move mailboxes etc.

    I have moved a small group of our employees to NEWMAIL and am waiting till I get a few issues sorted out before I move the rest of the company. The rest of them are a pack of crybabies, you know what I am saying ... the sales people , and all the other weasils. I would hate for them to not be able to schedule their golf games from the airport. Just kidding I really like this feature myself as well.

    We can access all of the features on the NEWMAIL and OLDMAIL thru the thick client (Outlook 2000).

    The users who still reside on OLDMAIL can still access their email thru OWA and Outlook. OWA on OLDMAIL works as well as it ever did, they can set up meetings, view availability etc.

    I have set up SSL on NEWMAIL, Password change, Enabled the Forms access, the OMA etc. And it all works , thanks to the info I have found on this site

    Despite the fact that I have demoted 2 (win2K) DCs, and added 3 (Win2K3) DCs, and have no clue what I am doing, the domain in general is running flawlessly.

    The problem:
    However, the one problem that I cannot seem to solve is:
    When using OWA on NEWMAIL to schedule an appointment and looking at availability i get:
    "Your browser's security settings won't allow access to this folder from this page." I get this same error on Win2K and WinXP machines. All with the latest windows updates.

    When on the appointment and the main webmail page it says it is a trusted site. See attached screenshot. Also see the Browser Error screenshot.

    I have installed SP1 for both Exchange 2K3 and Win2K3, and I installed the post SP1 update for Exchange 2K3.

    I am really at my wits end about this problem. I have scoured the internet for a solution. Any help would be appreciated.


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    I figured it out.

    I did not have replication of public folders set up. whoops