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  • Kerberos Ticket

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    I'm receiving the following error when running netdiag on my windows 2000 sp4 box that's running exchange 2k3 SP1

    Testing Kerberos authentication... Failed

    Server: LDAP/
    End Time: 9/15/2008 23:19:26
    Renew Time: 9/22/2008 13:19:26
    [FATAL] Kerberos does not have a ticket for PHMAIL1$.

    i ran kerbtray and purged the ticket cache, waiting for over an hour and re-ran netdiag and still got the above.

    don't know what are my next troubleshooting steps.

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    Re: Kerberos Ticket

    Time between machines synchronized properly?
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      Re: Kerberos Ticket

      i believe so.

      the mail server is sitting on win2k

      i run a "net time" and i get the response from my DC with the right time.

      are there any relavant w32tm commands for win2k to truly test or re-configure ?


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        Re: Kerberos Ticket

        Can you fire up Network Monitor and watch the machine as it comes up to see what part of the negotiation process with the KDC may be going awry?
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