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Maximum mailbox size?

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  • Maximum mailbox size?


    What is the maximum recommended exchange 2003 mailbox size?

    I am currently unarchiving from Enterprise Vault and we are going to use Public folders instead. Because the director doesn't like EV!

    During the export process some mailboxes are going to temporarily get to sizes over 6Gb until old mail is archived away into Public folders. I have advised to avoid opening cached Outlook and use the terminal server to do the archiving first.

    What other problems could such large mailboxes cause?

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    Re: Maximum mailbox size?

    There is no recommended size.
    The only limits come down to performance and technical limits.

    Outlook mailboxes on Exchange 2003 with Outlook 2003 in cached mode shouldn't go above 20gb as that is all that OST files can cope with. With older versions of Outlook in offline folders mode that limit is 2gb.

    There are performance hits on Outlook if there are more than about 5000 items in a single folder, so if everything is going in to a single folder then things are going to be painful.

    Knowing how much EV costs to purchase and implement it would seem a large amount of money to throw away, just because someone doesn't like it. I have clients with entire IT budgets that are smaller than the cost of EV at its lowest level!

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