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Simple setup for a small business ?

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  • Simple setup for a small business ?

    I have friends who own a small dental lab with 6 computers on XP. They have Server 2003 and Exchange 2003. The server also acts as a desktop machine and is up and running.
    They have 3 external e-mail address's of [email protected] entering via a ADSL 4 port router.
    All they want seems too simple for Exchange, but they have it and want to use it. They have no registered domain.
    They just want to access their e-mails no matter which of the client computers they sit before.
    Is their a simple tutorial that shows where to input the User name and Password for the pop3/smtp mail accounts ?


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    If you didn't see how to set up accounts then I'm not sure if it's that simple.

    You can use Outlook Web Access
    to access the accounts from any workstations.

    Receiving the mail to the exchange sevrer (from pop3) can be somewhat of a gey area (some admins don't like this practice). You can use some tool like a pop connector (only included with SBS) will have to be bought seperately.

    Hope this helps a bit.....
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      Raeandy .

      My oldies have a dental lab here in aus also and I have just setup their environment.

      We are running MS Small Business Server 03 with 4 xp pro clients in a local domain with external email addresses SBS 03 includes a POP connector which can collect mail from external ISP's and pass them on to exchange mailboxes.

      If you need any info, please let me know.