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OWA on second server in site

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  • OWA on second server in site

    I have Ex2k3 Standard in a stand-alone configuration with OWA set to require SSL. I have added a second Ex2k3 Standard server to the site. If I connect to the first server can I get it to proxy the OWA connection to the second a front end would do?
    How do I configure IIS to allow this?

    I suppose I could get a second cert for the second server and give it 443 access throught the firewall too...but this is a short-term solution prior to a Ex2007 migration.
    What do you think?

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    Re: OWA on second server in site

    You can only proxy OWA for the second site with a frontend server. If you don't have it configured as a frontend then users need to access the server directly with its own name, SSL certificate etc.

    In effect, if you add a second server and want a single URL for OWA then you must have a third server.

    If it is a temporary measure which will be in place for less than a month, then a trial RapidSSL certificate would provide you with SSL support.

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      Re: OWA on second server in site

      Thank you for the confirmation. I plan to split the database and client access roles when they migrate to Ex2k7.