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RPC HTTP Exchange 2003 and AV

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  • RPC HTTP Exchange 2003 and AV

    Hello all

    Can someone please provide me with some assistance. We currently run an Exchange 2003/Windows 2003 environment and run OWA and OMA. The company is looking to utilise RPC HTTP and I need some info AV scanning runs.

    With regards to our AV set up and email scanning, we currently use a product called Mimecast (similar to Message labs, etc) which sits outside of our network that scans for viruses, spam, rbl, etc this then comes into out network and we have either groupshield or mcafee 8.5.0 running on our exchange servers. I know that each email that is sent from externally will be scanned by mimecast and then mailbox servers, but when an email is sent via rpc http will it still be treated as an internet email so therefore it will be scanned by mimecast and then then mailbox server or will it be treated as an internal email and be scanned only by the mailbox server?

    Any information on this will be very much appreciated.

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    Re: RPC HTTP Exchange 2003 and AV

    RPC over HTTPS is an identical connection as Outlook inside your network, it is just the traffic is being proxied through HTTPS. The traffic will not go anywhere near your external service.

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