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Forwarded Email In Exchange Generating NDR's

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  • Forwarded Email In Exchange Generating NDR's

    I have a user who would like his Exchange email forwarded to his personal email account. It is a account. I created the contact in Active Directory and created the forwarding rule in that particular users account. The problem is when an internal user sends that user email, an NDR is generated with the following error:

    5.5.0 smtp;556 null byte in data

    This error is not generated for external users who email his Exchange address. Those email messages get forwarded correctly without any NDR messages. I did some testing by forwarding the administrator account to a personal email account and all messages went through successfully both internal and external. I was then able to map the users personal email address (SMTP) to the administrator account and send email successfully. I then tried mapping that users Exchange email account to the personal email account I was using for testing and the NDR's were generated again.

    What makes it weird is that external emails go through but internal do not. Along with the testing I did, it makes me think it is something with the account but I checked and it appears to be set up the same way as other user accounts that have email forwarding configured as well. One user even has it to a account as well.

    If anyone has come across this or has some suggestions, I am open. Also, if you require any information besides what I have printed then let me know.