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External Hosting - Exchange download through pop3

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  • External Hosting - Exchange download through pop3

    Hi there,

    I have a windows2k server running on vmware that is a member of a windows 2k3 domain controller (vm as well) and a windows xp vm that is a member as well.

    The win2k server has exchange 2000 (new installation, so not configured).

    Now the following situation is what I am trying to emulate.

    Lets say I registered a domain called
    and created 100 users in it, that use emails heavily through pop3 on their windowsxp workstations.

    How can I setup exchange so it maps those pop accounts into itself and delivers the emails to users? (at this stage the users would be connecting locally to the win2k server that has exchange server on it).

    I know that some of your replies will be to move the MX to the ip of the win2k server.

    But lets just say that only 10 users want to be on exchange, so I still wanna keep the external mail hosting the way it is and not move the MX record.

    Is this possible?
    I know there are pop connectors and that SBS has one (I dont have SBS), but I am just unsure how to set it up.

    When creating a user on active directory, will it create the mailbox on exchange and then start to deliver the emails from the pop3 into exchange onto the user through outlook using MAPI?

    Hope this is not too confusing :P

    Thanks in advanced for your replies.

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    Re: External Hosting - Exchange download through pop3

    You require a POP3 Collector. There are quite a few free ones floating around on the internet. Try for a POP3 collector. Once you have configured this you will need to configure corresponding email accounts by using ADUC so exchange can forward the email to those accounts. Ideally you will probably require a catch all account (although this is a bit of a SPAM trap for your ISP and yourself as exchange natively cannot filter POP3 email) using a global mailbox or alternatively you will need to specify the mail box routing on the POP3 collector so they can be forwarded on to the exchange mailboxes.


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      Re: External Hosting - Exchange download through pop3

      First - Exchange is not designed to be used with POP3 accounts.
      It is primarily designed to have email delivered by SMTP.
      If you are going to collect email FROM Exchange with POP3 then you are throwing away about 90% of the functionality of Exchange, making the licenses a waste of money.

      While there are POP3 connectors around, none of them are worth the money in my opinion. This isn't a problem with the products themselves but simply limitations on the POP3 protocol.

      If you want to have users on two different servers then you need to look in to SMTP address space sharing. Exchange presumes that it is responsible for all email for the domain so you have to adjust its setup.

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        Re: External Hosting - Exchange download through pop3

        Thanks scurlaruntingsfor your reply, I have been to that site

        Just trying to understand how it will grab the mails from the pop3 and then sort it to the according users :P

        Sembee I agree with you, its just one of those questions I had though.


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          Re: External Hosting - Exchange download through pop3

          OK i found a way now, I have a ubuntu server that I wasnt using, so installed fetchmail and through it I am able to forward the emails to exchange that way to the specific user.

          Thanks for your help guys and comments.


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            Re: External Hosting - Exchange download through pop3

            Did you install the GUI for your Ubuntu Server box or did you configure it via command line? Are you using webmin for the administration of that box? Just in addition a POP collector would have sufficed By having an Ubuntu Server infront of it doesnt offer much more resilience unless fetchmail is able to scan those emails with may be spamassassin or clamAV.
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