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Exchange on Static IP, Internet on Dynamic.

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  • Exchange on Static IP, Internet on Dynamic.

    We are planning to move over to a Domain based infrasctructure from our workgroup. We need a dynamic ip address for our SEO business. But we plan to have 1 static IP for exhchange and then a dynamic, so that some of our users can browse the new via the dynamic address. Can it be setup, so that certain users can only access the internet from the dynamic address provided by our ISP and leave the others on a static IP. Is it just a case of setting up the proxy on internet explorer?. Or is there any other things that i may need to setup?.

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    Re: Exchange on Static IP, Internet on Dynamic.

    I am not aware of any ISP providing both a static and a dynamic IP address. You either get a single Dynamic address or multiple static.
    Furthermore, with many ISPs a dynamic address doesn't actually change that often, if at all. On my home backup connection my "dynamic" address hasn't changed for two years.

    The only way you would do that is by using two different connections. Then it simply comes down to how you configure your routers and network - nothing to do with Exchange.

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