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Free monitoring and statistics tool for Exchange: ExInsight

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  • Free monitoring and statistics tool for Exchange: ExInsight

    I thought this might be of value for folks here. I just read about a tool called ExInsight from a 4Sysops blog post. It's from a company called bitrunes that just released the tool for free. Their website still suggests that it is only a 15-day trial but supposedly, according to the comments at the end of the 4sysops blog post, they haven't updated their page yet. The application itself doesn't seem refer to a trial, but rather has a "donate..." option under the Help menu.

    My question is: have any of you Exchange Commandos used this tool and if so is it commendable? I have yet to admin an Exchange server, but like to know what my tools are before I need to use them. Any and all comments about ExInsight would be appreciated.

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    Re: Free monitoring and statistics tool for Exchange: ExInsight


    Exchange Tools :

    Microsoft Exchange Best Practices Analyzer v2.8
    Microsoft Exchange Server WinRoute
    Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant
    Microsoft Exchange Server User Monitor
    Microsoft Exchange Server SMTPDiag Tool
    Microsoft Exchange Server Profile Analyzer
    Exchange Server 2003 Load Simulator (LoadSim)
    Exchange Load Generator (32 bit)

    There are many which free on MS site then why to rely on some other tools unless existing tool is not furnishing the requirment...



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      Re: Free monitoring and statistics tool for Exchange: ExInsight

      I have looked at it. Still doesn't support Exchange 2007 SP1 RU3, which could be an indication of the product no longer being supported. It appears to take a lot of information from various sources in Exchange 2003 that are also exposed to perfmon, WMI etc. For free it doesn't seem too bad.

      Another one you might want to look at is from SolarWinds. They have a free Exchange monitoring application (which anyone can download - are trying to make it seem like an "exclusive" to them, which is funny).

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