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  • OWA not accessible externally

    We have an issue where clients cannot access OWA externally, but it is available internally using the same address, except with /exchange on the end.

    The setup is Cisco ASA - DMZ running ISA Server 2004 - Windows 2003 Server running Exchange 2003.

    We believe that the problem is down to the internal side somewhere, as both the DC File/Print Server and DC Exchange Server where rebuilt as the previous company went belly up and had configured the system so tightly, but had failed to document anything, so any changes had numerous knock on effects.

    The DMZ server has not been touched at all, as we are not fully conversant with it.

    So, when I browse to I get the OWA login web page, but whatever combination of username/password I use, I get "You could not be logged on to Outlook Web Access. Make sure your domain\user name and password are correct, and then try again"

    However, if I browse to internally, I get the same login page, but I can log in and use OWA as expected.

    It must be to do with authentication required by the DMZ has not be reconfigured on the LAN side somewhere.

    Any ideas, as I seem to have exhausted Google, as all my settings tally up.