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  • Ex2k3 Multi-Host Address Book/Host admin

    I am setting up Ex 2k3 to use with multiple domain names, i.e.,,, and Iím having a hard time doing 2 things.

    1. Setting up each domain to see only their own domain specific address book. I want company1 to only see company1 addresses, same for company2 and 3.

    2. I would like to appoint a user in each domain to create users as needed, preferably up to a certain number of users, ie 20 users for the domain.

    I know the first is possible, but the directions I have found online already I have had trouble following. I am not sure about the second though, if it is even possible.

    I have Windows 2003 Std and Exchange 2003 Std installed, and working with 3 hosts so far (company1, company2...) working, sending mail and receiving, so all that is setup.

    FYI, there will be ~25 different hosts in use when everything is finished. The company is currently using IMail 8.15 and would like to switch to Exchange.

    Thanks for your help in advance.