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    I would like some advice on mailbox limits re exchange 2000.

    I'm told that the default limit option has no limits?

    On my clients server I see the following

    AAnna has a mail box size of 2265888 is this 2.2gb?
    jim has a size of 3872757
    Caroline has a 0 size showing but the box contains 84559

    Should I be panicing at the size id mail box and why is carolines box a zero size when it contains 84559 emails?



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    Re: size questions

    Daniel or Simon are obviously the best to give answers on this but personally I think your users need some education on email management and some size limits restrictions would be placed on them. I bet there is a lot of garbage in their Inbox and Sent Items and possibly even the Deleted Items hasn't been emptied. Worst of all, you are most likely taking up server resources storing all their crap and backing it up nightly as well.
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      Re: size questions

      Thanks for that, You are probably correct I'll wait for further advice. Research has affirmed that the maximum size allowed is 16gb and all the exisitng mails boxes less one add up to 10gb. The remaining box is the one that shows 0 size.

      I'm wondering if its because the 84559 items contained in that box add up to more than the remaining 6gb taking the database to over the 26gb limit.

      Hopefully someone will be able to advise me




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        Re: size questions

        Adding up the mailbox sizes that you see in ESM will never equal the size of the store because it isn't showing you the full size. It is only showing you part of the mailbox.

        Ideally you need to upgrade to at least Exchange 2003, which will give you a 75gb limit, or Exchange 2007 which has no limits (well it does - 20tb).

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          Re: size questions

          Thanks for the assist I've told them to delete unwanted emails and to consider upgrading.

          Times is hard so I suspect a battle