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Exchange management console on a workstation question

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  • Exchange management console on a workstation question

    I have SBS2003 standard with Exchange included installed on one machine (server1).

    I have a second server (win2000 server) as a memeber server in the domain (server2).

    I want to install Blackberry Enterprise Software (BES) on server2.

    - I called Blackberry and the procedure is that I have to install Exchange Management Console (only the console) on the win2k machine and then install BES on top.

    I don't have an Exchange CD, I only have the CDs that came with SBS2003 and the second CD (disc2) has exchange on it. How do I setup the Console to manage the Exchange server on the second server?

    As far as I see I have two options to try:
    1- CD\DISC2\Exchsrvr65\setup\i386\setup.exe
    i can launch that but it asks me for and Exchange key and if I type the SBS2003 key it says wrong key

    2-1- CD\DISC2\Exchsrvr65\setup.exe
    I get the welcome to Exchange Server 2003 Setup screen and I can click on Exchange Deployment Tools and something is happening like I get a gray window with nothing on it except three buttns on the top right corner
    none of them work and the rest of the window is blank

    Any ideas?
    Thank you very much,

    PS called Microsoft, not helpful

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    Re: Exchange management console on a workstation question

    As far as I am aware the SBS key should work.
    I know the question has come up before and that has been the answer.
    The other CD is the service pack, which needs to be installed after you have installed the management tools.

    Unfortunately you are using Windows 2000. If you were using 2003 then you could use the CDO installer.

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