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    I just got Exchange 2003 and I installed it on my domain controller which is running on Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition. I also installed ISA Server in front of my Exchange Server and registered a public domain name ( and got a static IP address. Now I'm having trouble figuring out how to configure my servers so that I can recieve and send e-mail for, I would like to be able to recieve e-mail from other domains like hotmail or yahoo. I've read some of the articles here like the one on MX records but my servers are still not working the way I want them to.

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    Things to check:

    1) Is the Exchange server properly configured (i.e. Recipient policy for the registered domain)?

    2) Try sending mail to the server from another computer in the LAN. Do this by TELNET (See my site, look for the words SMTP, Telnet). If you succeed then the server is ok. If not, check step 1.

    3) Set up the ISA to forward traffic on TCP port 25 to the server. Check this by telnet to port 25 from outside, and see if you can establish a connection to the Exchange server.

    4) Set up the MX Record for the registered domain. See my site for an article about this issue.

    5) Have the ISP configure the Reverse PTR record for your domain name and server. This is a must for many domains, otherwise you might not be able to send mail to some domains.

    6) Do a NSLOOKUP from outside and see if you get the right MX Record for your domain, if it has the right IP (the external IP of the FW) and if you can connect to it.

    Get back to us with further information in case something doesn't work for you.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services