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Exchange 2003 License query

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  • Exchange 2003 License query


    we have this client who wanted to move their existing Exchange 2003 enterprise edtn. to a brandnew hardware. I'm proposing of installing an Exchange 2003 enterprise edtn. to the new server and transfer all mailboxes from old server to the new server. But the problem is they only have one license (one product key).

    Would you know if this would cause any issues, like conflict with the product key since they only have one product key on two servers?

    thanks in advance.


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    Re: Exchange 2003 License query

    If it were me, i would call MS and speak to someone in licensing. I assume you will be taking down the original?


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      Re: Exchange 2003 License query

      On the letter of the law, you would be breaking the license agreement having two servers running at the same time with only one license.
      Where clients have been of the attitude that they must be complaint all the time, every second, no exceptions, then I have used the evaluation edition to build the new server, then changed it to the full product version once the original is removed.

      I would like to say go ahead, as long as you don't abuse the key by running multiple servers for months on end. However I cannot say that as I am not Microsoft.

      Exchange is based on honour basis - there is no activation procedure. Therefore from a technical point of view there is nothing to stop you using the key elsewhere.
      From a legal perspective though, only Microsoft can answer that question, and it has to be in writing otherwise it isn't worth the paper it (isn't) written on.

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        Re: Exchange 2003 License query

        In your case maybe moving Exchange completely to the new server is the best way to go. You can get more info on the process here: