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OAB folder hierarchy error (Exchange 2000)

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  • OAB folder hierarchy error (Exchange 2000)

    Hello all,

    I've been trying to deal with a problem for two weeks and by now I'm out of ideas. The problem is: after manual Send/Receive Outlook 2003 shows MS Exchange error 0x8004010F: an object could not be found. This happens both in cached mode and without it. It doesn't show up during automatic send/receives. Another symptom: offline address books do not update.

    Here's how Exchange server is set up. There is only one server, no replication, only one storage group and only one mailbox store. There is a Default Offline Address List (again, the only OAL), it includes Default Global Address List. So it's as simple as can be.

    So far I have traced the problem to the following. OAL generation works fine, event log shows that it is successfully started and finished. Using mdbvu32.exe and mfcmapi.exe, I looked through the structure of OAB folders. In Public root, NON_IPM_SUBTREE, OFFLINE ADDRESS BOOK, there are two entries:
    "/o=<company>/cn=addrlists/cn=oabs/cn=Default Offline Address List", containing
    "OAB Version 2", and
    "EX:/o=<company>/ou=First Administrative Group", containing nothing.
    I think this latter folder is a leftover after moving from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000. Anyway, this folder is the one which is referenced as PR_ADDRBOOK_FOR_LOCAL_SITE_ENTRYID in mailbox store's properties. Here's a part of oabinteg.exe output:

    oabinteg /s:uakad /tabfldcheck /v:2
    Opening the Exchange Public Folder Store.
    Retrieving the message store table.
    Obtaining store table properties.

    Hierarchy Server: UAKAD
    Store Offline: 0 (1 = True | 0 = False)

    Trying to retrieve the property for the PR_ADDRBOOK_FOR_LOCAL_SITE_ENTRYID.
    PR_ADDRBOOK_FOR_LOCAL_SITE_ENTRYID: 000000001A447390AA6611CD9BC800AA002FC45A03003EECF5 8428C1ED4FAFF29D3074D1497F0000000000080000
    Using the PR_ADDRBOOK_FOR_LOCAL_SITE_ENTRYID to open the OAB System folder.
    System folder opened.

    Folder Name: EX:/o=<company>/ou=First Administrative Group
    NOTE: Exchange 5.5 system folder found.!
    Replica Server Name: UAKAD
    Parent folder has subfolders: 0 (1 = True / 0 = False)
    Folder Child Count: 0
    Folder Type: 1
    Published in the address book: 0 (1 = True / 0 = False)
    Folder has rules: 0
    Overall folder age limit: 1

    Obtaining the hierarchy table for the system folder.

    If I understand this correctly, a MAPI client opens the folder referenced as PR_ADDRBOOK_FOR_LOCAL_SITE_ENTRYID, which in my case is "EX:/o=<company>/ou=First Administrative Group", and finds it empty. This folder seems to "hang" somewhere since there is no such OAL in Recipients/Offline Address Lists. I've tried a dozen times to rebuild Offline address list, select another OAL for this mailbox store, dismounting and mounting it -- no luck, PR_ADDRBOOK_FOR_LOCAL_SITE_ENTRYID is stuck to this non-existent folder.

    Sorry if it's messy, I've tried to write as clearly as possible. I can provide more detail if it is necessary. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!