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can't send to particular domain

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  • can't send to particular domain

    I got two exchange server in DMZ. they are not members and also separate domain . for eg. and can send/receive email to all the internet email and send to as well.

    The problem is can't send email to but can send/receive to other internet email like yahoo, gmail etc.

    Telnet is able each other these two server. So where should I check for that issue? pls kindly help.

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    Re: can't send to particular domain

    Almost the certainly the problem is the firewall and DNS resolution.
    The servers will be resolving their MX records to an external address, not an internal address.
    Therefore you need to override that.

    Create an SMTP connector on each server. Set the SMTP connector to use a smart host and enter the internal IP address of the other server in [] so []. In the address space enter the domains the other server is responsible for. Repeat on the other server. Exchange will then send the email directly to the server rather than doing an NSLOOKUP.

    Exchange doesn't belong in a DMZ. Whatever your reasons for putting them in there, I can guarantee that they were misguided and do not achieve their objectives - other than perhaps fulfilling an incorrect design idea that internet facing servers should be in a DMZ.

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