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  • large mailbox


    i use exchange 2k3 ENT SP2 on windows server 2k3 SP2.
    i've a few users with a mailbox more then 15GB.
    all the mail in the mailbox are in the INBOX folder(and not under any subfolder).
    when the user access the INBOX the computer stop responding for a few second sometimes for a few minutes and then it is released.
    1. what are microsoft recomended for how much mail will be in the inbox folder or subfolders?
    2. what i can do to speed up the connection with how i work today?


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    Re: large mailbox

    Not sure myself regarding your issue but I would certainly quota your mailboxes. My quota is set to a max of 500MB for all users. No exceptions.

    I am assuming it is slow through Outlook. Is it the same in webmail?

    Is caching set for Outlook? That can sometimes slow things down.

    I would certainly recommend using the filter for large attachments and permanently deleteing the large emails by holding down the Shift button when you press Delete.


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      Re: large mailbox

      If I'm not mistaken, Microsoft recommends that there not be more than 3,000 - 5,000 items per folder.


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        Re: large mailbox

        All I can say to what you have written is "Not surprised".
        15gb is a lot of messages for Outlook to process. If they are all in the same folder then that will cause a performance hit. As already pointed out, you should be aiming for 3000 - 5000 items in any single folder.

        This sounds like lazy users. I would be looking for some archiving software to remove the items from their mailboxes and store it elsewhere.

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