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  • Another RPC/HTTP Thread

    Single Exchange 2003 SP1 server. Separate domain controller. Activesync and OWA works great. Go Daddy UCC cert installed and operational.

    Followed guide here and other places so setup RPC/HTTP.

    RPCPing seems to work fine (returns no error codes) internal and external. https://server/rpc give the three attempts to logon, then fails with 401.3. Outlook just keeps trying to logon over and over again. I can't get Outlook internal to try RPC using Outlook /RPCdiag - it just keep using TCP/IP so I don't know if it works internal or not.

    IIS logs show some of the attempts, with 401 errors.

    Not sure why I am getting the 401 errors if RPCping works ok. I have exhausted my search capabilities and need to be pointed in another direction.

    Thanks for any help

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    Re: Another RPC/HTTP Thread

    So, as it sometimes goes in life, 20 minutes after starting this thread, I got this to work. This is after spending several days working on it.

    For those of you in the same plight as I was, just be sure to double check everything and make sure you follow the documentation on this site.

    Some of the things to understand:

    Make sure you have the same authentication set for your client and on IIS. I use basic authentication but force SSL on RPC.

    You only need 80 and 443 open on the firewall for this to work. All of the other ports do their thing internal to the network.

    I checked both the slow and fast network boxes in Outlook and this sped up the process greatly. The guide here only show slow connections. Your mileage may vary.

    I never did get the https://mailserver/rpc authentication to show anything other than 401.3, but it still works ok using Outlook. This is an article here detailing this as a possibility.

    What caught me up was that I had followed two guides, after not getting the guide to work from this site. However, this screwed me up. My end problem was that I had authentication set differently on ISS and Outlook - but what stopped this from working after I fixed it is that the other guide I used told me to check the proxy setting in the RPC/HTTP Outlook configuration and enter the external server name of my mail server. After I fixed authentication and unchecked this proxy setting, it began to work.

    So, moral of the story, double check everything and only do what this guide on this site tells you to do and you should be fine.


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      Re: Another RPC/HTTP Thread

      Thanks for posting back with your observations. I am sure this will be useful for other members in the future and well done on getting it sorted out by yourself.
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