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Exchange 2003 public folders

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  • Exchange 2003 public folders

    Here's what I have

    An Exchange 2003 server with a public folder called 'Help Desk'

    This used to be where our users would submit their trouble tickets. I find this difficult to manage with the volume of tickets coming in.

    What i've done is setup a RT server which I feel will do a much better job of ticket management.

    What I'd like to have happen is all the emails that come to 'Help Desk' still get stored in the public folder ( for archival purposes ) but also have a copy forwarded to the rt server ( [email protected]in ) . Currently I do have email forwarding working between the help desk and my blackberry, but the issue is with the forwards. Forwarded messages show up as being from 'Help Desk' and not the actual user which creates a huge issue in rt and pretty much renders it useless.

    I have the exchange server sending mail to and from the RT server just fine (seperate boxes) I just need to properly 'forward' the messages for help desk to my RT server.

    Any suggestions or alternate approaches would be appreciated.


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    Re: Exchange 2003 public folders

    Got it.

    Created a contact in AD, set it up with the email address request tracker is expecting ( [email protected]in ) and then in exchange system manager I checked the appropriate options to forward and keep a copy.

    This is forwarding it properly while also keeping the subject/header intact.