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Junk e-mail lists full problem

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  • Junk e-mail lists full problem

    Hi guys,

    My first post here, so "Hi!"

    I was hoping to possibly get some help with this problem I have on a bunch of PC's connected to this SBS server. The server is running Exchange 2003, and the problem is obviously server related, as it appears on each client PC when they first start Outlook.

    Unable to add the server Junk E-mail lists, you are over the size allowed on the server..... etc...

    Basically when clicking the manage lists button, nothing is listed there, so it appears there aren't any junk e-mail lists on the server.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to clear these junk e-mail lists, or stop this problem?

    Screenshot attached:


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    Re: Junk e-mail lists full problem

    I think the "Manage Lists..." button on your screenshot might be a good place to start!

    Normally (IIRC from long ago) you sort by domain and replace individual entries in each domain with a wildcard
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      Re: Junk e-mail lists full problem

      You are wasting your time with the junk email list feature of Outlook.
      No double you have some users who are adding the address of every spam message they receive to the list.

      That is not what it is designed for.

      I can guarantee to you that you could wipe out that list completely and you would not see a drop in the level of spam that the users receive. All spam is spoofed and spammers never use the same address twice. Blocking by email address is too easy and spammers worked around that years ago.

      The junk email list is designed for persistent offenders who send email from the same address but do not honour unsubscribe requests. Newsletters, things like that.

      Clean out the list completely and invest in some proper antispam software.

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        Re: Junk e-mail lists full problem

        Ok nevermind. I fixed it with the following registry key. I just entered a decimal value in bytes equal to 1MB. The problem then dissapeared.

        @Simon - thanks, I look after quite a few clients, and these guys obviously just do the whole "add to junkmail" thing to make themselves feel better. I know its quite useless regarding spam. We use Symantec for the proper spam, as well as ACL ratings etc.. so thats sorted out. Obviously they just reached their junkmail list limit, and for some reason the addresses were not appearing in the list. So I couldn't clean them out. I just created this DWORD and it solved the problem by increasing size to 1MB.

        @Ossian : Haha! Yes that was obviously the first step, but as I said there was nothing listed in there to clear. Thanks anyway

        HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\MSExchangeIS\ParametersSystem\

        Note :
        You must enter the new size limit in bytes when using this registry key.
        To customize the size limit of a user's spam rule
        1. In Registry Editor (regedit), in the details pane, right-click System, click New, and then click DWORD value.
        2. Type Max Extended Rule Size for the registry key value.
        3. In Edit DWORD, under Value Data, enter the maximum size in bytes you want to allow for a user's spam rule.
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