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  • Exchange sending limit

    Hi all,

    I tried to google to find a solution for an exchange sending limit, but no luck.

    Does anyone know how to put an limit on sending email on exchange.

    One client of mine sends mailings to 800 addresses at once, with the result they get blacklisted.

    Now i want to put an limit on the sending like 200 mails every 10 seconds or so.

    Anyone got a solution for this?

    Thanks in advande!

    Kind regards,


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    Re: Exchange sending limit

    There are a few places you can set this, the article below will walk you through it, (both message size limits send/receive and maximum recipients)


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      Re: Exchange sending limit

      Thanks fir the info, I took a quick look at the link and most of the information seems to concern size and connection limit and not the speed at which emails can be sent (throttling). Maybe the amount of maximum connections is what I need so I will play around with that.



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        Re: Exchange sending limit

        There is no throttling capabilities in Exchange.
        Exchange is a very poor bulk emailing tool. If the user is regularly sending out messages in bulk then they should be using software designed to do that. That software can also cope with the bounce backs and unsubscribe requests - which must be honoured otherwise you will get blacklisted.

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