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OWA SSL only from LAN?!

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  • OWA SSL only from LAN?!

    Hello there!

    Scenario: Windows 2003 SBS, Exchange 2003sp2, ISA 2004.

    - HTTPS is enabled, because I've tested it.

    Following happened:

    I had to recreate the Exchange virtual dirs, as described by Microsoft using the modification of metabase.xml file. It succeeded.

    Because of that, I recreated my own certificate using the certificate wizard, so that I do not need to buy one.

    I've been looking on the server:

    https://server/exchange - Fully operational, whow!
    http://server/exchange - redirects me to https, whow!

    from outside: https - cannot be found...only http.

    Of course, ISA 2004 and the router in front of it is redirecting port 443 to the server, I could use telnet to test it.

    Because of that, I do not have the Form Based Authentication, of course it's enabled in exchange manager.

    So...I've been googling on it, I don't really get it what's wrong. Please help me!

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    Re: OWA SSL only from LAN?!


    I've been STUUUUPID

    Didn't know that if I take the mark out of https in the router config - IT DOES NOT SHUT IT DOWN, YOU HAVE TO check

    "User defined ports" - until then, it won't work, you have to set up an other https port.

    So, now it works. I was wrong, that I've been tested it: a week ago, yes, true. But last week router was reconfigured, that I've forgotten to remember...

    so remember: not only take out the checkmark, but to rewrite the "not used" port number...

    aaaaaaargh....lookin' this for daaaaays


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      Re: OWA SSL only from LAN?!

      Thanks for posting back and sharing with us your fix. I am sure this will help someone in the future. It is appreciated.

      Think of this in a positive light. You have just gained something very difficult to buy...........experience.
      1 1 was a racehorse.
      2 2 was 1 2.
      1 1 1 1 race 1 day,
      2 2 1 1 2