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latency in accessing mailbox in exchange 2000

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  • latency in accessing mailbox in exchange 2000


    Thanks on the answer to my previous post on .pst files.

    I have a client that roams between country A and country B. Exchange 2000 is installed on server 2000 at both countries. His mailbox is created in country A.

    The problem is accessing his mails thru OWA or RPC over HTTP takes a longer time. I need a solution whereby the client can access his mails in country B as if he is country A where his mailbox domicide with little or no delay.

    i have checked the link everything is ok


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    Re: latency in accessing mailbox in exchange 2000

    You can't have a mailbox in more than one place so it will be down to connection speed. If he is on a slower link in the second country then it will be slower.

    Maybe you should look at something like Terminal Services, screen updates may be slower from the other location but mailbox speed would be the same.

    Any other thoughts anyone?

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      Re: latency in accessing mailbox in exchange 2000

      A terminal Server is the only option here. Either that or increase the speed of his internet connection. TS does not have alot of latency and each streaming desktop is only around 30 or so K. Even if his connection is a dial up his access should still be sufficient without too much overheads due to the physical distance.