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Setup ActiveSync on Exchange 2003

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  • Setup ActiveSync on Exchange 2003

    Hi everyone!

    I am, like many other frustrated, trying to set up Active Sync on Exchange 2003. After a week it still does not work. I have to start new post because my setup is little more different than others. I guess the best thing to start with is to describe it and here it goes:

    Exchange 2003 Front End runs on Win 2003 with all patches and connects to Back end on same platform via local network (no firewall).
    Front end (only) runs forms based authentication, Back end IIS Default website directory security is set to "integrated Windows" and all other security if turned off or if set to basic.
    SSL is enabled for OWA and OMA.

    I have tested OMA and it works from windows mobile IE, but active sync errors out with "problem on server" error.

    Front end server event log has the following error:

    "The mailbox server [server.domain] does not allow "Negotiate" authentication to its [exchange] virtual directory. Exchange ActiveSync can only access the server using this authentication scheme."

    As I understand, if I have Front end and Back end configuration, I should not have any problems with active sync even with Forms Based enabled.

    Please suggest what I can be missing.

    Sorry for bad English, it is not my native language.

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    Re: Setup ActiveSync on Exchange 2003

    In frontend/backend you shouldn't see those problems, as long as there is nothing in between the servers.

    I would suggest resetting the virtual directories on both servers.

    Then test again before making any changes like enabling FBA or require SSL.

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