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How to configure SSL in Ex2003 Cluster

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  • How to configure SSL in Ex2003 Cluster

    We're looking to enable OWA for external access which we have found endless documentation for in a single server environment. We're sure that it's very similar to enabling SSL in a cluster but we're not sure on a few points.

    First, our setup.
    2 node Cluster running Ex2003 SP2.
    No Front End servers are present and we will not be implementing any. OWA will connect directly to the cluster.

    How do we go about applying the certificate to Exchange?
    Since we will be generating the certificate request on one server will the certificate not work on the second node?

    Any guidance is very appreciated. We've had no luck finding any sort of documentation on this process.
    CCA: XenApp 5.0

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    Re: How to configure SSL in Ex2003 Cluster

    The best practise is to have a frontend server. I wouldn't actually dram of deploying a cluster without a frontend server. With Exchange 2007 you cannot do that - the cluster cannot hold the Client Access Role so you must have at least three servers.

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