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2 Exchange same domain :(

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  • 2 Exchange same domain :(

    Hi everybody,
    I'm in a big dilemma here
    My company span on 1 forest 1 domain and 1 exchange (2003) trying to keep it that way J
    Since opening the second company remote site, we been having tones of problems when it came to big attachments and chocking the data line b/w from local outlooks that connects to the HQ (where the exchange server resides)
    Terminal Servers are out of the question for now and I've been requested to start a second Exchange server that will be placed in the remote site.
    No matter where I look on the internet people are terrified just to the sound of the idea..Most say it's just too much hassle and a murder to maintain.

    I'm looking desperately for alternatives..Maybe a change of topology? (front / back servers?)
    Remember, I need the server to keep resides locally so management can still
    Open their local outlook while me being alive J
    Alternatively, what does it take to start a second exchange on the same domain?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: 2 Exchange same domain

    I don't know what you have been reading, but adding a second server to an Exchange org is fine.
    For optimum performance you do need to have a global catalog domain controller in the same location as the Exchange server.

    You should also ensure that you are replicating the public and system folders to the new server.

    The only place the complication comes in is with OWA access. If you want everyone to use the same URL then you will need to have a third server as a frontend.

    The other thing you have to look at is routing of email - whether the second server is sending email out directly to the internet, via a smart host or via your existing Exchange server. You also may want to consider having the second server listed in your MX records as well - but if you do then you need to ensure that it has the same level of antispam and antivirus filtering.

    While there are lots of things to think about, most of them are the same as what you would have to do when introducing an Exchange server for the first time.

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