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  • Need help: SMTP Gateway

    Hello All,

    My current setup:
    DC(win2k3), Exchange (2K3) and ISA-2006 as firewall; right now i am using rapidssl certificate for OWA, rpc over https, some remote users are download mail via pope(with ssl).

    Now i want to implement smtp gateway because i want to install the GFI Mail essential on this machine(around 70,000 spam per day).

    As i have only one exchange no FE and BE and all the rules are published on ISA 2006.........

    Now in this scenerio what will be steps for configuring smtp gateway (windows 2003 service)......


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    Re: Need help: SMTP Gateway

    I'd go for Linux, when using a spam filtering gateway
    much easier to customise (and keep up with the threats), and completely free.

    p4 cpu, 1Gb of memory and a small, not necessarily fast couple of disks in raid1 should be enough to get rid of about up to 500k spam emails/day, even if you use additional extras like FuzzyOCR

    if you plan to implement a tarpit, get more RAM in there.
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      Re: Need help: SMTP Gateway

      The best Linux one i have seen with precise instructions for spam/email gateways is Pirate fish. This can be placed infront of the exchange server and used to filter email before its delivered to the backend

      This is a much cheaper solution and secure solution than a front end backend scenario with Windows architecture.


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        Re: Need help: SMTP Gateway

        Well if you want to use GFI Mail Essentials then a Linux solution isn't any use to you.

        Windows 2003 can do the job for you, it is quite simply to setup.

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