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combining exchange servers, from 2 forests

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  • combining exchange servers, from 2 forests

    I need to combine to exchange servers from 2 separate forests.

    Company A, bought company B, now company A wants company B to use their email server, but still login with company B info, and recieve mail as [email protected]

    Domains are running 2000 Native with a two way not transitive trust is currently setup

    Original plan
    Create a forest trust between A+B (upgrading to 2003 native)
    Move company B into company A's exchange server.

    Easier said than done, as i can't get it to work. The closest iv'e come is creating " mirror accounts, and disabling them in compnay A, then associating the Company B external Account, with the matching company A account"

    Along with this compnay B has a public folder / structure that they need to main tain.. My questions...

    Can the original plan acutally be done?

    Can I have 2 public folders in a single exchange server enviornment used by mapi clients? IE "Storage Group A" connects to "Public folders A", while "Storage group B" connects to "Public Folders B"

    It really running close to a "hosted" solution, but i don't know how that works, or how to set it up.

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    Re: combining exchange servers, from 2 forests

    I did run a search but couldn't find anything using "combining" or "merge" Merging"


    Company A bought company B.

    Company A wants to host Company B's email in their exchange server.
    All users from both companys should show up in the Global address book
    Company B still needs to login through the company B domain/forest.
    Company B needs seperate public folders
    Company B needs @companyB + @ companyA emails (easily done thorugh policy)


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      Re: combining exchange servers, from 2 forests

      You can't just merge the data.
      If both companies need to share data or be on the same Exchange server org, then one of them needs to be migrated across. That will usually involve exmerge for mailboxes and PST files for the public folders and some downtime for the users who are being moved.

      You can't have two sets of public folders. You would need to have a single public folder store and adjust the permissions to reflect who has access to what.

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